Thursday, September 3, 2009

Advanced Conversation

Conversation classes help you improve your speaking ability and confidence, particularly concentrating on pronunciation, fluency and communication. The Advanced Conversation Class is a great opportunity to improve your speaking skills without the pressure of studying hard. You will be given many opportunities to speak about a variety of interesting topics. It’s an easy way to become comfortable speaking English in a friendly and fun environment.


Farhad Tash said...

Dear students,

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Thank you!

Mahnaz said...

Hi Mr. Tash
Congratulation , that's great.
I think these two topics are good enough :
3.Have You Ever done sth so bad in your life????????
of course it's my idea and you can choose whatever you want.
Thanks in advance.

n30e said...

ممنون بابت وب خوبتون

nazanin fadaee said...

Hi mr Tash. Thanx 4 every thing.
All topics are good but,
If I wanna choose the topics, I select
Age: Youth & Old Age-Annoying Things-Beauty and Physical Attractiveness-Behavior-Birthdays-Celebrities-Children-Classrooms-Clothes & Fashion-Colors-Community-Computers Corruption-Dangers-Dating-Death-Diets-Dreams-Family-Favorites-Fears-Feelings-Free Time and Hobbies-Friends-Future- Habits-Happiness-Have You Ever …?-Internet-Likes & Dislikes-Love, Dating & Marriage-Meeting People-Memory-Motivation-Movies–Music-Parenting-Personality-Single Life-Social Problems-Stress-Supernatural, Ghosts & Superstitions-Time.

shima davoodi said...

HI ,
and thanx
for your spadework mr.tash .
I think that is great for us to have a situation to choose best topics for our advanced conversation .
some of my favorite topics are :
3.have u ever ...?
4. honesty & truthfulness
5.single life
7.what if...?
thanx again.

arefeh said...

hi Mr tash i'm intrested in poverty,manners,educations,personality.i hope that my comment can be useful for you.thanks for everythings.

Mahnaz said...

Hi Mr. Tash
I want to correct my choices ,
I'm intrested in these topics:
Thank you very much!!

Mona said...

Hello Mr. Tash
All topics are good but i think these are better

Nargess said...

hi I am intrested in these topics : 1. jealousy 2.honesty & ... 3.behavior 4.feminism Although there isn't enouph time to cover them but I hope we can speak about one of them . thanks