Sunday, August 30, 2009

Try to See Things in a Different Way

As I look around everyday,
I try to see things in a different way.
If you just try to open up your mind,
You’ll discover things to which most people are blind.

The will to see things positive and new
Challenges everyday life which can break you.
It sounds so simple, but it's a hard thing to do;
To train your mind to accept a different view.

Sometimes we need not be so selective
Let's see things from a different perspective.
We are conditioned to think of things in a certain way;
We need to find a learning curve in every new day.

Our conditioning is our first blind sight;
Accepting absolutes, wrong or right,
Taught to see things in a certain light,
To try and see otherwise will be a fight.

Even if it only works half the time,
It's not so easy like rhythm and rhyme.
That great deal of effort will make us strong
To have happiness in a world we don't belong.

Do something, be anything.
Say something, see everything.
No matter how hard it seems
Go ahead and follow your dreams.

Farhad Tash

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It was nice.I cant agree more.
Follow your heart,no matter what.