Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Good Man Is Hard To Find

· A complaint by many women is a good man is hard to find
· That many men are selfish and to the needs of women blind
· And that some men abuse their women so happens to be true
· But give the good man credit if credit he is due.

· For the crimes men commit against women allow me to feel shame
· But for the sins of a minority a whole gender why blame
· That one person does not make a Race or Nation also applies to men
· One should not be found guilty if not guilty of a sin.

· Some women abused by one man condemn all men as bad
· But they are generalizing and that seems a bit sad
· And though my sympathy is with women 'tis not prudent or not wise
· To dislike all men for the crimes of one it does seem wrong to generalize.

· I suppose there is some truth in that good men are hard to find
· But not all men are cruel to women or aggressively inclined
· To cause harm to others some men are good and kind
· And kindness shown by good men readily come to mind.

Francis Duggan

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what kind of pepole anoy you?