Tuesday, December 2, 2008


· Who do you think is the most beautiful person alive today?
· Does beauty affect one's success in life?
· Is it better to be physically attractive or intelligent?
· Is it better to be physically attractive or wealthy?
· Is beauty related to power?
· Can you think of anyone who is in a position of power that is not physically attractive?
· Do people spend too much time and money on beauty?
· How much time should be spent on making yourself look better each day?
· Do you think people should have cosmetic surgery to enhance their looks?
· How popular is plastic surgery in your country?
· What is the most popular feature for cosmetic alteration?
· Do you think self-esteem affects beauty?
· Do you think beauty affects self-esteem?
· How important is beauty in your daily life?
· What makes one person more attractive than another?
· What personality trait is the most important for inner beauty?
· Have you ever noticed anyone ever feeling pressured to be more beautiful?
· What do you think of the proverb, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?"
· Do you have any proverbs or idioms from your country that relate to beauty?
· What do you think "Beauty is skin deep" means?
· What are some beauty tips that you could share?
· Do you think people with many tattoos can be beautiful?
· How many tattoos are too many?
· Would you ever get a tattoo?
· Do you think people with many piercings can be beautiful?
· What kind of body piercing, if any, do you feel are acceptable?
· What kind of piercing, if any, do you feel are unacceptable?
· How do you define beauty, using your own words?
· Would you ever date someone who was not conventionally attractive?
· Do you think people from different countries than you see attractive the same way?
· Is there someone famous that is considered beautiful, that you think is not?
· Do you think one gender or group worries more about beauty than another?
· Would you want your children to be beautiful or talented?
· What are some of the negatives about being beautiful?
· What are some examples of social pressures to improve on natural beauty? For example, lipstick, haircutting, shaving, ...
· What do you think about plastic surgery?
· Would you ever have plastic surgery? If so, what would you change?